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So much equipment...

Hey there! As a family dealing with the ups and downs of having a kiddo with some pretty intense medical needs, we totally get how much you rely on a ton of equipment every single day. But here’s the thing – all that gear is just plain boring, and that’s no fun!

So, we’ve decided to shake things up a bit. We’re on a mission to offer cool and personalized solutions for pretty much any piece of equipment your loved one might need. Imagine gear that’s not only functional but also decked out with designs based on what your kiddo loves. It’s not just about making things exciting; it also helps you spot your stuff easily and avoid mix-ups.

Drop us a line today! Let’s chat about how we can add a bit of flair to your equipment and make the whole experience way less dull. Your kiddo deserves it!

Emergency Medicine Bags

Good for attaching to your chair for all your emergency medications.

Milk Pump Stickers

For all makes and models

Food and Container Stickers

Ideal for blended diet tub and containers.

IV Pumps

For all makes and models

Bed Stickers

Semi-permanent stickers that are ideal for brightening up those items on loan. 

Custom Disabled Stickers

For cars and vans

Custom Clothing and Event Wear

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Sunday Stock Order

To keep cost as low as possible and to reduce our impact on the environment, we place our stock order every Sunday evening. Please bear this in mind when placing an order and the impact this will have on your delivery. 

Our standard turn around time is between 10-14 days, due to every item being custom made according to your requirements.  

Please contact us if you require your order sooner. 

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